Nathaniel W. Smith

Entrepreneurship, International Trade, and Political Economy of War and Peace


Student Testimony:

“This class was very challenging and stimulating. the way the material was presented and outlined helped me learn and enjoy the class. The fact that our material was based off four books and journal articles made it different and exciting. I appreciate the exposure I got to all the great economists.” 
- Economics of Developing Areas Student
“The consistent structure of reading amounts and types along with the weekly lectures tied in really well together which made the content easy to assimilate. The Professor was also very open to answering questions and sending reminders.” 
- Economics of Developing Areas Student
“From prof. Smith's recorded lectures to his review sessions every week - very thorough and specific. Learned a lot about the topic. Great professor.” 
- International Economics Student

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me immensely in furthering my understanding of economics. Your were great to talk to, incredibly smart, not only able to understand complex ideas but to explain them in an easy and understandable way." 
- FTE Economics for Leaders Student

Macroeconomics (Sweet Briar)

A perfect score on my evaluations, with 100% participation.

We study the canonical macroeconomic models to explain the wealth of nations and business cycles.

Managerial Economics (Sweet Briar)

Created to support the business majors

An application of economic theories, logic, and tools to business decision-making. Business dilemmas are analyzed and economic theory (with emphasis on game theory) is applied to make efficient decisions.

Econ 360: Economics of Developing Areas (GMU: Spring 2021)

Recognized by students for being an outstanding Mason Core Global Understanding course


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